Whether you are a member of the public who is curious about ancient Africa, a student considering specializing in African archaeology, or a fellow scholar looking for more details about my research, I hope you find the following pages helpful, and invite you to contact me with comments or questions at Elisabeth.Hildebrand@stonybrook.edu.
As an anthropological archaeologist, I study the beginnings of agriculture and herding in Africa. I gather ethnobotanical, archaeological, and archaeobotanical data to address questions of how and why hunter-gatherers began farming and keeping animals, and how food production eventually changed their social lives. I teach Anthropology courses at Stony Brook University, and conduct field projects in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya.
Ethnobotany: Participant observation in Sheko, southwest Ethiopia.
Archaeology: Pillar sites contemporaneous with early herding near Lake Turkana northwest Kenya.
Archaeobotany: Flotation of material from early agricultural sites on Sai Island, north Sudan.
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