As an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University, I divide my teaching activities between the Anthropology Department and the Turkana Basin Institute. I’m also a faculty member of Stony Brook’s Interdepartmental Program in Anthropological Sciences (IDPAS).

My undergraduate Anthropology course offerings include:

• African Peoples & Cultures (ANT 250)

• Ancient African Civilizations (ANT 355)

• Paleoethnobotany & Ethnobotany (ANT 410)

• Ethnoarchaeology (ANT 415)

• Climate & Culture (ANT 215)

In addition to these on-campus courses, I have also designed course
curricula for the Turkana Basin Field School I alternate with other instructors to teach the field school's course ANT 307: Archaeology of the Basin.

Stony Brook web profiles:
IDPAS profile
Current Position & Teaching
On the shores of Lake Turkana, northwest Kenya.